‎It is our duty to remember them and our duty to pass on their story‎

Our Mission

To Donate a memorial to every family who lost a loved one in terror or battle.

  • Help the families through the mourning period
  • To Educate future generations on what sacrifices were made for the nation and state of Israel.

Our Process

Through a sensitive, healing process, conducted with the bereaved family, we ultimately produce a video that encapsulates the life story of their loved one.

The program follows a structured procedure:

  1. Establishing the Relationship: We initiate communication with each family to guide them through the process. A dedicated professional guide (psychologist or social worker) is assigned to ensure utmost sensitivity.
  2. Developing the Story: The family together with the guide chronicles the life story of the loved one through a structured process that involves photo collecting. We create a script that the family is fully satisfied with and they feel honors their memories appropriately.
  3. Video Production: As an end result a video is meticulously produced in a professional studio, featuring melody, narration and subtitles.
  4. The Memorial: The finalized video is showcased on our website, and commemorative interfaces are printed.


The Commemoration

Each family is provided with a commemorative video hosted on a dedicated memorial webpage, along with five durable adhesive plaques and one A4 photo.

These commemorative interfaces consist of durable adhesive plaques, each equipped with a QR code linking directly to the memorial webpage housing the created video. If the family wishes, we will connect them with donors or communities to spread the legacy of their loved one.

אֵין כּוֹחַ בָּעוֹלָם שֶׁיָּכוֹל לְהַחֲזִיר חַיִּים שֶׁנִּקְטְפוּ.
אֶפְשָׁר לְהַשְׁאִיר אֶת הַזִּכָּרוֹן שֶׁלָּהֶם - לָנֶצַח בֵּין הַחַיִּים

In these times of profound loss among civilians and soldiers, we are actively seeking donations for our association. Our aim is to ensure that any family desiring to memorialize their loved ones can do so without financial burden.

Organizations, companies, local authorities, and individuals interested in supporting bereaved families are encouraged to donate through our website or to reach out to us directly for this purpose.

The Association

Memory for Life was founded in 2017 by the artist Israel Kasif. In 2024, it was incorporated as a registered non-profit organization under the name Zikaron Lahaim (R.A.). Memory for Life specializes in producing commemorative interfaces that encapsulate the life stories of individuals who lost their lives in Israel’s wars and hostilities.

The concept of the digital commemoration interface originated with the late Yossi Shabtai, who tragically perished in a battle in Jabaliya, Gaza, in 1993 between Kasif’s arms. The first interface serves as a tribute to his memory.

Our organization places a strong emphasis on the emotional journey of commemoration, striving to offer a meaningful memorial to any family that seeks one.

Swords of Iron War

In the aftermath of the devastating terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023, and during the Swords of Iron War, over 1500 individuals lost their lives in Israel.

We welcome donations of any amount through our website.”Each of them is a world, but due to the great loss of life, each of them has become a number.

The Memory for Life Association was established with the mission to honor the memory of all those who perished in acts of terrorism or war, particularly those who fell victim to the tragic events of October 7, 2023. Our goal is to give each of them a name and a lasting legacy.

It is our solemn duty to remember them and to ensure their stories endure.

Your contribution is crucial in fulfilling this mission.

Why it is so Important?

‎With an emphasis on the families themselves, the existence of a sensitive process and the provision of commemoration ‎‎As a donation‎‎, so that all families can merit the commemoration of their fallen loved ones.‎

‎‎That ‎ future generations will be able to learn about them and the sacrifice made for the people of Israel and the State of Israel.‎

Memory for Life's Leading Team

‎Israel Kasif‎

The initiator of the project, and today the artistic director of the association.

Nearly three decades later, he was officially recognized as disabled by the IDF due to the combat trauma he endured.
The profound experiences Kasif encountered during his military service fostered within him a deep empathy and understanding for families grappling with bereavement and loss.
In 2017, while visiting the Nahal Memorial, Kasif conceived the concept of ​​the digital commemoration interface.
The inaugural commemoration was dedicated to the memory of Yossi Shabtai, who tragically lost his life in Kasif’s arms during a battle in Jabaliya, Gaza, in 1993.

Mai Levi

Since 2024, May is the CEO of Zikaron Lahaim. She has previously volunteered in the organization. May has an extensive experience in NGO management within several organizations. May is a Lawyer who did her internship at the Legal department of the Knesset, as part of the consulting team to the Finance Committee. She’s an active reservist at the IDF, serving as an officer. May has been actively involved in Zionist initiatives, volunteering with the Jewish Agency and as a young emissary in Toronto, Canada.

Or-Ksif Rosenvaser

Since 2024 Or is the COO of Zikaron LaHaim. Previously he served as the director of production in the organization. He has a background of project management, with experience in operations, research and development, and event’s production in the NGO’s and educational field. Previously Or worked for the Israeli scouts.